When I was in high school I was a key member of the drama club courtesy of my position as the lead male actor in most of the school plays. I began acting at the age of six and by the time I was in high school there was literally no looking back because I saw my future in it. When I joined campus however to study law I realized that I couldn’t manage to be in the drama club of my university as well as focus in class for the best results at the same time. The fact that law is a demanding course that required a lot of reading didn’t help me at all.

I therefore decided to part ways with my love for drama and focus on my class work. The only activity I did outside class was professional essay writing for a certain writing services company in town. At this time I was certain that my life with drama and acting in general was over and done with but the reality turned out to be a different, sad story. When I began working as an essay writer I met a lady called Pam whom I fell in love with in the course of about three months.

As it turned out, Pam was a very talented actor and she was the chairlady of the drama club in campus. As I went out with her she tried to convince me back into drama but I stood firm and explained my reasons for not wanting to be involved in drama again. I didn’t know then, but I knew later that the day I told her that is the day she began cheating on me. When I caught her with pants down (literally) one time, she stood her ground and said there was no way she could date a guy who wasn’t an active actor. I have never been more angry my entire life.