Bad Publishers

I like to think that I am a good writer; if you were to ask me I would tell you that I honestly think that I am better than David Mason, Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare. On second thought, you should remove William Shakespeare from that list because I believe he is the best author this planet will ever see. After him then I believe there is none other than me. I am sure nobody will have qualms with me because I know somehow that feeling confident is something that is free to all. That is how much I trust myself.


I am a campus student taking journalism, and as you would expect I don’t have a big chance as such to showcase my talent as I would love to. Nonetheless, I am contracted on part time by the best essay writing service company in the state as an essay writer. I have made several inroads as regards to establishing myself as a fantastic writer and I think I am pleased with my achievements, measly as they may appear to others, thus far. I also have three books-manuscripts for that matter-that are due to be published sometime this year. The journey to getting my books to be published hasn’t been a bed of roses at all.


As any writer with anything between his eyes will tell you, the biggest challenge any upcoming writer faces in life is the issue of getting a publisher who will trust in him or her. I personally learnt the hard way from the first manuscript I ever submitted to a publishing company for sakes and purposes of publishing. In my opinion, the manuscript was fantastic but the verdict from the publisher was that it wasn’t good enough and hence couldn’t be published. I was disgusted but that gave me some sort of impetus to perfect my next manuscript. I was therefore very surprised one day to meet my first manuscript in a bookshop shelf among the books being sold. Everything else was mine except the name of the author; bad publishers indeed.