College life is a wonderful life, but with many problems as well. There are many problems faced by students from school fees, poor food, poor accommodation, and many other causes. Just like it is in the politics of a country, it’s the same in colleges where the issues facing students are addressed to the college senate and if a solution is not settled on, the remaining option is to protest and scream out loud enough to be heard across the walls. This sometimes works for the better and sometimes brings a cost too expensive that it could cost an individuals education. Whenever a student takes this method of protesting to solve problems a bad trend is attained and failure comes in handy. This brings education to a halt for some days due to the unrest. With this trend to pending essays from the previous lessons keep hanging until the situation settles. The essay writers also are disrupted by the unrest.

            These protests most at times lead to damages within the school. Facilities are broken into and goods are smuggled. These damages at the end of the day end up being a burden on the student’s guardians. But it can sometime cost the students education and life as a student as well through expulsion and suspension. Some students also lose their life through stampedes, stray bullets or other minor accidents.

            Wise students find better ways to deal with problems other than protest. There is always a solution to problems. The peaceful way could be slow but for sure it will bring a better outcome. This way the course will not be interrupted, school work will proceed as required, thesis papers will be researched for as required. A minute wasted for sure will never be recovered, therefore it would be of great value if time is used properly to the right thing at the right time.

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