Pyramid of Life

            Sometimes I look back and say I hate life for what it is and for what it turns out to be to some people. How else could you feel but hatred when you realize that sometimes people are punished for wrongs that they didn’t commit when the real wrong doers walk away scot free? It puzzles me and ultimately disgusts me, but at the end of the day I have to make do with it. What gives me such incredible mental strength or whatever else it could be called is the fact that I know about something called the pyramid of life.

            This is a pyramid that doesn’t exist in reality but it actually explains one or two things about life that are hard if not impossible to disapprove. As an essay writer contracted with one of the most upcoming essay writing companies in this part of the world, I must say for free that the knowledge of the pyramid is one of the best things that ever happened to me. The pyramid of life simply says that the ‘higher you go in life, the cooler it becomes and so the fewer people are’. To illustrate my point, consider the university degrees.

            More people stop at undergraduate level than those who proceed for their second degrees, normally called the master’s degree. After the master’s degree, fewer people still proceed for their doctoral degrees. That is a classic example of how the pyramid of life works. Unless a person is really determined to make it in life, then he or she may find themselves stagnating at the lower levels of the pyramid. To make it more interesting, the pyramid actually caters for people who through whim or bad fortune find themselves unable to progress to the higher levels of the pyramid. There is so much that could be said about the pyramid of life, but I will contend myself with that for now.

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