Secret Admirer

            I don’t know if it is only me, but I do think that there are people who admire others and long to be with them but out of fear or something related to that it never materials as they wish it could. I am a good essay writer-I am not mincing my words about this or blowing my own trumpet for that matter but I am just speaking the plain truth, in fact I am trying my best to downplay my ability if you ask me-and as anybody involved in essay writing will possibly tell you, real as well as fictitious stories about love triangles and indeed about secret admirers shall never cease.

            Somebody said that love is the greatest and most important thing in the world and I can’t fault him an inch if you consider the number of songs, poems, novels and what have you that have been written or composed on the theme of love. People fall in love in different ways; some love each other from the first time they set their eyes on each other, others meet in campus, and others in church while yet others in the most unlikely of places. All in all, it is factual to say that at one point or the other in somebody’s life he or she will have feelings for somebody.

            If the feelings are shared, then love begins to grow; if not, the person having the feelings and not saying them is taken to be a secret admirer. This is the kind of person that is interested in another person and his or her affairs thereof but he or she is not willing to let the other person know of how they feel. In some cases the secret admirers go as far as stalking the people they admire, I have been a victim of that in campus once, though I found the lady out and asked her out in order to see if we could work something out, and I am sure the trend will never end.

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